The May Newsletter

Two Decades: It is still about the journey, not the destination.

And with that, we marked our 20th anniversary. A big thank you to all who have been supporting us throughout. We have seen kids grow up and become their own people, with their own ideas. From new interns to customers and past employees who bring their children to the store now, a big thank you! We hope to grow with the same love and support to keep the magic of children’s books alive. 

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Eureka! Kids Club in May

We have lined up a series of workshops and activities for children and adults of all ages this month. From calligraphy and theatre to workshops on How to Tell a Story, we have in store a bunch of exciting activities that will see the summer vacation fly by.

Book Club: Meet The Anxious Koala
Let’s get together, sing, dance, and support our little anxious Koala. With activities, games, and songs, this week’s book club session is based on the book The Koala Who Could by Rachel Bright and published by Hachette.   Register Now! 

 Date: 13th May 2023

 Time: 11:00 AM

 Ages: 5-8

Venue: Eureka Bookstore

Participation Fee: Rs.500/-

Book Club: Ready to Be Sherlock?
Based on Benji Davies’ magical book, The Grotlyn, Harshita will create a land of mystery where things go missing, but nobody knows who or what has taken them. Think you’re good at solving mysteries? Let’s find out! 

Date: 27th May

Time: 11:00 AM

Ages: 5-8

Venue: Eureka Bookstore

Participation Fee: Rs.500/-

Dilemma Tales by Rituparna Ghosh

So many choices, many regrets, and the constant anxiety of making the right choice. A workshop on identifying stories, dilemmas, and introspecting by learning to shape a story.

Date: 18th May * Time: 11 AM * Ages: 10-12 years

Participation Fee: Rs.500/-

Doodle-A-Tale by Rituparna Ghosh

Doodle along with the story and let’s compare how we perceive the characters. 

Date: 18th May * Time: 12:30 PM * Ages: All Ages

Participation Fee: Rs.500/-

The Art of Calligraphy by Shipra Dutta

Learn the art of ‘beautiful writing’ with Shipra Dutta.

Date: 20th May *Time: 11 AM* Ages: All ages

Venue: Eureka Bookstore

Participation Fee: Rs.500/-

The Monthly Quiz

Date: 27th May *Time: 4 PM*

Ages: All ages

(Two to Four in a team, Bring your family and friends along.)

Participation Fee: Free for all!

Stay tuned to our Instagram channel to know more about the theme and other information. 

Wire Art with Raie

Have you ever used a wire to create an object? Maybe a tree, a dog, a cat, or something absurd.

Date: 28th May * Time: 11 AM * Ages: All ages

Venue: Eureka Bookstore

Participation Fee: Rs.500/-

Please book your seats well in time since all are limited-audience sessions. Fill up the registration form to book your slot!

Bookstore Address: M-75 (first floor), M Block Market, GK-2.

Eureka! Book Club in April

This month marked the beginning of Eureka’s very own book club! Facilitated by Harshita Gupta, the founder of TalesAhoy, this is a place for kids of all ages to get together, hear a story, learn a thing or two, and most importantly, have as much fun as they can. 

For ages 6 to 8, we picked The Last Bear by  Hannah Gold, a book about a lonely bear struggling to keep up with climate change. The session began with reading the first chapter and understanding the concepts of friendship, and loneliness, and finding out where exactly polar bears live and how. 

In the second edition of the Book Club for ages 4 to 6, Harshita chose the book, Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen. 

Beginning with a lion hunt, the kids roared through the hour dancing, singing, and reading the story. The session ended with the children solving a maze puzzle, and creating their book covers – all of them good and some of them amazing.


Schools and Book Fairs

Between April 12 to 20, Eureka! conducted book fairs in three schools, Carmel International, Gyan Bharti, and The School of Specialised Excellence.  

As part of the School of Specialised Excellence’s event, Literaria in Dwarka, Eureka put up a stall to showcase the range of books that are available for children. Literaria is an event that promotes literature and reading in government schools. SoSE’s headline event that week was a session with author-illustrator Sigrun Srivastava. 

If you are looking for that caringly curated collection of books that you would want in your school library or would like to conduct a book fair in your school, please reach out to Suhail Hasan at

Follow us on @eurekachildrensbooks for updates on specific events. 

What's New?

Eureka! is the exclusive online seller of all PHL Books for 2023. PHL or the Parag Honour List is a curated collection of outstanding and noteworthy children's books of the year across genres. Check out and buy your copy from the PHL 2023 list here! 

This year’s joint winners of The Times of India Auther Award for Best Children’s Author were Bijal Vachharajani and Vaishali Shroff. On the jury panel was Swati Roy, partner, Eureka Books with author Ranjit Lal chairing the jury.

Check out Bijal and Vaishali’s award-winning books below. 

Batata, Pao, And All Things Portuguese by Vaishali Shroff.

The book explores the arrival, rise, and fall of the Portuguese dominions in India. But what do batata and pao have to do with this? You will find out when you read it. Also, watch her interview.


Savi And The Memory Keeper by Bijal  Vachharajani –Join Savi as she navigates her life in Shajarpur, with her new-found ability to talk to plants. Also, watch her interview.

Other Highlights

Off the Page

Check out Episode 22 of Off the Page with Sahar Beg, an introduction to new releases for all ages. If you don't want to miss an episode, subscribe to the Eureka! YouTube page.


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